Celebrity Gossip Relationship Woes

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The world of celebrity gossip will collapse like a deflated balloon if you take out stories that have something to do with illicit relationships! The celeb gossip lover’s dream news is the story of a favorite actor getting caught in the act. The Hollywood rumors doing the rounds always find takers among the lovers of entertainment news items. And they receive added impetus when there is some relationship issue involved the news story. Lovers of gossip would give away their right arms to know who is dating whom in the tinsel town!

So what triggers the love of celebrity gossip lovers for relationship stories? The prime reason could be the love for personal details that we can get about favorite celebrities. Celeb gossip reports which feature the love affair or more often than not, lust affair of the celebs of glamour land. Hollywood rumors are fed on the personal lives of the celebrities and famous personalities. Web portals and websites, which deal with entertainment news, give priority to stories having a relationship angle. This is especially true of stories which are immoral and illegitimate. A wife’s terminal illness is not a big story on these pages, a mistress’s common cold is.

Relationships are sometimes dictated by celebrity gossips! Yes, that is sometimes the case when the celebrities keep an eye on the entertainment news sections themselves. There are recorded instances of celebrities breaking up their existing relationship when they found their partner’s picture in the celeb gossip columns. Many a cheating partner was brought to the book in the pages of the Hollywood rumors. The changing face of relationships is well documented in the web portals and tabloids dealing with such news items. If you are following a story with some diligence, you will definitely get updates to piece together a complete picture.

But all is not good in the world of celebrity gossip. Sometimes yellow journalists fabricate entertainment news stories. These harm the reputation of the personality concerned and there are libel suits flying thick and fast. Celeb gossips have been known to wreck many homes in the tinsel town. There is a dearth of trust and loyalty among the celebs anyway, because of the high profile lives that they lead. When they are faced with the allegations of entertaining different partners their relationships fall apart like nine pins.

The paparazzi scoops that are contained in the pages are sometimes not as correct as they propagate themselves to be. With the coming of web portals and online entertainment portals, the popularity of celebrity gossip columns are now on the rise. Hollywood rumors are steadily becoming accurate with the coming of digital technology to ascertain information that they publish.

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How to Get Extras Work in Films

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Getting extras work in films is not that difficult but it certainly requires one to do specific things in order to find the same quickly and easily. If you are excited to get film extra work, you must begin with building a great portfolio. It should contain your resume describing your acting qualifications and any trainings that you have gone through, your past acting experience if any, your best possible photos and videos, and any recognition or awards that you might have received in school or college. Once you have a wonderful portfolio, you may start searching for the extras film jobs.

There are casting agents and agencies that like you are searching for the film extras and tv extras. You can approach those agents to know where extras are required or where auditions for film extra or tv extra are being held. Casting agencies will charge you a certain fee but would show you a lot of extras film job opportunities and acting auditions where you can apply or appear. As soon as they would find the right extras work opportunity matching your profile, they will contact you. In case you don’t get any call from the casting agency, you can change the agency and look elsewhere for finding extras work.

You can also search for the extras film, extras work in tv on your own. These days, there are several websites that list extras work online. You can go through those films extra, tv extra opportunities and can apply to them if you feel that the job requirements match your individual personality traits. The best part about such websites is that you can also post your resume at them.

Such websites are constantly viewed by the film producers, directors, and casting agents looking for film extra and lead actors. If they find your profile interesting and appropriate for the extras work they have on platter, they might contact you on their own. You would get the acting casting calls to appear for the auditions. If you are lucky enough, you might be called right away at the film location.

Once you are given the interview date or the auditions date for the extras film work, make sure you reach there on time. Remember that the competition is very fierce and if you are unable to make to the auditions, there are hundreds of others waiting for the film extra tv extra work. So, reach on time if you don’t want the golden opportunity to go away from your hands. During the auditions, behave professionally and most importantly, be polite and courteous.

To find film extra, tv extra work, you can visit

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Julia Roberts A Hollywood Star Who Never Dies

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Julia Roberts is a famous actress in Hollywood. She won the academy award for her beautiful acting in Erin Brockovich. She really deserved it as she is fantastic in all her movies. She is a lovely actress and plays her role in the best possible shape. She is a very money making actress too as her movies sold great amount all around the world. She plays in movies with more than 300 million dollars income for less than two months. Some of her great movies are Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve and Eat Pray Love. Eat Pray Love is the last released movie of her in 2010 with gross earning more than 200 million dollars.

Eat Pray Love is about a busy woman which is really stock in her career. But she decides to go for meditation and makes herself more relaxed. First it is too hard for her to do things very well there but after a while she gets used to it and she becomes a fan of such a life. Ryan Myurohy is the director and the writer of this great movie. She also sees a man there which really loves him and decides to marry him and shares her life with him. This is a good story to teach that all of us need to rest some times and if we put our careers aside just for a while nothing bad happens. It also teaches us that some resting can help us to follow our careers with more efficiency.

Ocean’s Eleven is about a team of professionals who wants to steal something but they should go through a very modern security system. They plan for it for a long time and finally get to action.George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are three other stars beside Julia Roberts in this movie. This movie earned about 450 million dollars worldwide which was a great amount in 2001. Ocean’s Twelve comes after this great movie which has made again in genre of crime comedy. This movie was another great project as it could gain more than 300 million dollars worldwide. This movie is released in December 10th of 2004 and the director was Steven Soderbergh.

Also Closer is another movie of Julia Roberts which is nominated for lots of awards and won some of them. This movie is a great collection of superstars. The story is a little mystic and in genre of romance. It is a fantastic movie for those who love strange stories. This movie is one of the Roberts’s movies beside Ocean’s Twelve in 2004.

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Pran – First Super Star Villain of Hindi Cinema

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After prolonged illness he died on Friday (09.07.2013) at Mumbai. He has worked almost in 375 films as lead hero, character artiste and villain. It is said, time would never wait for anyone but time used to be waiting for him in 60s and 70s. Meanwhile Pran made the films memorable with his extraordinary performance with real acting. The films that made Harivanshrai Bachchan’s elder son as Amitabh Bachchan – Majboor and Zanjeer. Pran made these films saleable on the box office with his incomparable styles and real performances.

Who one could have played better than Pran as Malang Chacha in Upkar, Sher Khan in Zanjeer, Jailer Raghubeer Singh in Kaalia, Kishanlal in Amar Akbar Anthony, Raka in Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai, Rana in Victoria No. 203, Rai Saheb in Parichay, Mohan in Kashmir Ki Kali….sorry the list is endless. Most of characters he has played become evergreen.

It was just coincidence for him to becoming an actor. One day Wali saab saw him at Pan shop and he got influenced with his way of talking and attitude and called him to Pancholi Studio. Then DM Pancholi was owner of well known production house in Lahore and Wali Saab used to work with him. Pancholi Saab so much influenced with the Pran’s style that he cast him as lead hero in Yamla Jat (1940).

After partition he came to Mumbai and so much of confident that he booked room in five star hotel Taj Mahal because he was sure he would get the job in the films. Ultimately he got the film Ziddi with help of Sahadat Ali Manto. He had been getting film offers as well as stardom. After that he never turned back.

It is also coincidence that Pran Saab died on such time when Bollywood is all set to remake his milestone film Zanjeer (1973). At the time when Pran was working in Zanjeer he was big star and Amitabh was newcomer with six flop films and this number grows up to 11 by the time film completes. But the film’s success has changed everything and prepared new background for Bachchan’s career.

Pran has worked with almost five generations in the Bollywood starting from Dilip Kumar to Salmaan Khan. I remember in my young age, that the films were a hit only by his name. Lead actors name were written on film posters in small font while his name used to be printed on bold letters of big font. This was the style. …… Actors: a,b ,c and PRAN.

Hats off to you Pran Saab. Bollywood will always remember you as good person as well as good actor who portrayed bad characters with full commitment.

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The Superman Curse

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The name Christopher Reeve is fairly influential in terms of Super-heroism. As the very first actor to play the role of Superman on the big screen, Reeve managed not only to play out the character as closely as it was portrayed in the comic books, but he embodied it. From the very first film, and throughout the sequels, Superman was a consistent and loveable hero. Often, one would say that the man makes the character, but in this case, I believe it safe to say that the character made the man; Christopher Reeve was, after all, the Man of Steel. That is why it came as such a shock and steeped irony when the news announced his condition after a horseback riding accident. The renowned superhero was now bound to a wheelchair, his body broken and useless. This year will be the 7th anniversary of the day his injuries finally overtook him. On October 10th, 2004, Superman officially died. For those of us who grew up on the original Superman series, it felt like a huge blow to our confidence that we saw a man, who we thought was indestructible, die from an injury Superman should never have endured.

Strangely enough, Christopher Reeve wasn’t the only actor in the Superman films to have run across a bout of poor fortune. Both Margot Kidder and Marlon Brando had their share of bad experiences. Kidder, who played Lois Lane, survived a car accident in 1990, but her injuries kept her from working, which then resulted in financial hardship. Soon after that she was diagnosed with a Bipolar Disorder and placed under psychiatric care when she was found hiding naked and battered in a bush. Since then, her actions have been low-key until the most recent protest against the Keystone Pipeline in August of 2011 resulted in her arrest.

Marlon Brando played Jor-El in the Superman series and, unlike the doting father who made the ultimate sacrifice for his son’s life, he was helpless to stop the tragedies that occurred in his real life. His son, Christian was imprisoned for 10 years for manslaughter after the shooting death of his sister, Cheyenne’s, significant other – Dag Drollet. Cheyenne, suffering from persistent injuries after a car accident and depression stemming from sorrow for Drollet, hanged herself in 1995. Brando passed away in 2004, followed by his first-born son Christian who succumbed to pneumonia in 2008.

Was the Superman legacy cursed, or is this simply a case of coincidence? Will the newer Superman films cause the crew as much torment, or did the curse die with the original man of steel – Christopher Reeve? Time will tell … but, hopefully, Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth will carry on as Superman and Lois Lane in a manner that will keep our hopes and dreams alive, forever giving us the opportunity to believe that superheroes do exist.

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Deepika Padukone- Seldom Far From Controversy

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There has been no looking back for her since her first release as the leading lady in the King Khan starrer mega movie Om Shanti Om. The new found stardom helped her bag meaty roles opposite the who’s who of the Hindi film industry. Deepika Padukone was dubbed by many as the most promising newcomer of recent times after the grand success of her maiden venture.

The model turned actress was the most talked about debutant of 2007 and was even compared with the likes of Aishwariya Rai Bachchan. She has had her share of controversies after being linked up for her alleged romantic liasons with cricketer Yuvraj Singh, Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and model Nihar Pandya. She has also been said to be the lady love of the much acclaimed actor, Ranbir Kapoor, who started dating each other after their shoot in Australia. But the rising star remains unfazed and chooses to avoid talking about her love affairs.

Deepika has again been in the news for quite sometime now because she was spotted with the Kingfisher scion Siddharth Mallya at IPL events (and Salman Khan’s sister Arpita’s birthday party), both of whom are very ‘good friends’. The long legged beauty who is otherwise politically correct, raised eyebrows with her over-the-top remarks on Ranbir Kapoor and many feel she has gone overboard with her comment when she answered Ranbir should endorse a brand of condoms in a TV program (to host Karan Johar in Koffee with Karan)! This has become the talk of the town but the gorgeous lady cannot care less. She likes to be in the limelight and poses generously for the shutterbugs.

Daughter of Prakash Padukone, retired Badminton player of international repute, the twenty-five year old stylish lady has been the brand ambassador of Tissot SA, Maybelline, Close Up, Liril, Kingfisher Airlines, Pepsi, Levi Strauss, Limca, Parachute hair oil and she is also the face of Neutrogena Fainess Cream and Dubai’s Aspire Real Estate. A study revealed her brand valuation falls in the category of famous celebrities and that she has joined the league of top notch actors. She is on a signing spree and the industry is expecting lot from her.

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Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh at Cosmopolitan Awards 2012

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The 4th edition of keratinology by Sunsilk ‘Cosmopolitan Fun, Fearless Female and Male Awards were held in Mumbai at the Grand Hyatt in true Cosmo style. Powered by the Bollywood A- list, the 4th Cosmopolitan

Fun Fearless Female and Male Awards 2012 gala was a blast. Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan, Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone were among the winners. Hosted by Cyrus Broacha, the event started off with Anushka Manchanda belting out the Cosmopolitan theme song.

This year, the iconic Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Awards has a new theme – Cosmo Women Love to Love Men! As the name suggests, the Awards are dedicated to the men Cosmopolitan loves, men who deserve to be recognized and celebrated. The show will also feature new award categories for Fun Fearless Females who have lived up to the true Cosmo spirit! Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female and Male Awards will feature awards in 24 different categories including Ultimate Female of All Time , Ultimate Male of All Time, Fun Fearless Male Actor, Fun Fearless Female Actor, Fun Fearless Female Best Dressed, Fun Fearless Male Best Body, Fun Fearless Male Debutant and Fun Fearless Female Debutante.

Deepika Padukone, showing off her RK tattoo, found herself seated at the same table as Sidhartha Mallya. Given the rumors that they might have split, the buzz about them was palpable. While it was Sangram singh’s and Payal Rohatgi’s couple in the event which was fresh and spreading the fragrance of their love all around. Both of them were so busy among themselves that they have no issues on the award winning and answering questions.

Payal Rohatgi was the cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Best Dressed award winner in the eyes of Sangram Singh. Her serenity was the trait of the color she chose for her dress. Along with the selection of color of the dress it was her shoes which were perfectly blending with the dress. Her choice was incredibly different from others. While Fun Fearless Male Best Body winner is none other than Sangram, says Payal. They were fully enjoying the glory of the event and made themselves clicked freely in front of cameras.

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Aishwarya Rai – From Bollywood to Hollywood Success Story

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Aishwarya Rai started her profession with modelling at a younger age whereas nonetheless in school. Her youthful years have been spent juggling her research with profitable numerous magnificence contests and modelling for a lot of totally different promoting companies. The gorgeous Aishwarya Rai’s modelling profession actually took off when she managed to win the Miss World contest and the appearing jobs begun to roll in right now also.

Aishwarya did not have any appearing expertise initially, solely her modelling background expertise to attract from. This lack of expertise did not cease Aiswarya from shining on the movie set and shortly appearing presents have been flooding in. Aishwarya Rai has appeared in lots of Bollywood movies equivalent to Devdas, Jodhaa Akbar and Jeans. A lot of Aishwarya’s movies have obtained awards within the trade and quite a few prestigious nominations. Aishwarya has burst onto the Hollywood movie scene of latest years and is now starring in Hollywood blockbusters in addition to different worldwide productions. A few of her latest worldwide choices are the movies The Final Legend and Chaos. Within the Hollywood manufacturing of Chaos Aishwarya Rai stars alongside high actress Meryl Streep. One other latest Hollywood dramatisation starring Aish Rai is Racing the Monsoon the place Aish acts alongside the Hollywood star Michael Douglas.

Along with her latest marriage throughout 2007 to Abhishek Bachchan her co-star in bollywood movies equivalent to Guru, it appears Aishwarya is blissful in her private life as well. Along with her new marriage, Hollywood movie function affords flooding in and not too long ago successful Feminine Star of the 12 months on the Mumbai Max Stardust Awards for her function in Dhoom 2 Aishwarya Rai is flying high.

Journalist Gary Smithe writes about wonderful worldwide celebrities equivalent to Aishwarya Rai Bollywood Actress who has starred in lots of movies, theatrical productions and appeared in varied product advertisments worldwide. Latest Aishwarya Rai Hollywood movies embody the journey film Racing the Monsoon and Chaos the place Aish Rai starred alongside Meryl Streep. Followers of the attractive Aishwarya Rai can get free wallpaper screensavers at http://aishwarya-rai-wallpapers-hot.blogspot.comAishwarya Rai Hot wallpapers are one of many easiest methods to brighten up your computer. To set as

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How Amazing That See Amy Poehler on Set in a Wedding Gown ??????

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Amy is one of my favourite stars. In my mind she is so attractive, how amazing that I really see her on a wedding gown. You can’t image how excited I am at that time. Here I would like to share something with you.

Amy Poehler wore bridal white to shoot. They Came Together in NYC today. She arrived to the set in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt perfect for the hot summer day, but later changed into a poufy white wedding gown. In real life, Amy tied the knot with her husband, Will Arnett, on Augest 29, 2003. This afternoon, Amy shared screen time with her leading man, Paul Rudd. Both Paul and Amy have been logging long hours before the cameras in recent days with costars like How I Met Your Mother’s Cobie Smulders and New Girl’s Max Greenfield.

Poehler was born in Newton, Massachusetts, and grew up in Burlington, Massachusetts. She is the daughter of Eileen Frances (nee Milmore) and William Grinstead Poehler, both teachers. She is a distant cousin of author Stephen King and U.S. senator Scott Brown, through shared New England ancestry. Poehler was raised Catholic. In 1993 graduate of Boston College, Poehler was a member of America’s oldest collegiate improv comedy troupe, “My Mother’s Fleabag.” After graduating from college, Poehler moved to Chicago, where she studied improvisational theatre at Second City, with friend and future co-star Tina Fey. She also studied with Del Close at ImprovOlympic, going on to become part of the touring company as well as teaching classes at IO. Amy’s also planning to get to work on her series Parks and Recreation soon. Their fifth season will debut on Sept. 20, and soon, Parks and Recreation will shoot in DC to get some interesting political cameos – Amy will shoot alongside senators Barbara Boxer, John McCain, and Olympia Snowe. Amy’s portrayal of Pawnee, IN Leslie Knope just earned her a 2012 Emmy nomination. In fact, Paul had a long-running arc during Parks’ fourth season.

When I saw Amy’s dress I really want to buy the same kind of the dress, but I know her dress is sure quite expensive. After a long thinking, I decide to buy a similar dress online, today online shops developed will and I really think I can buy a satisfied wedding dress online. With carefully research I finally find a online shop: , and I have make a order yesterday, now I just need to wait for the wedding dress’s arriving.

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Katrina Kaif song

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Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif has been asked to sing a song for her upcoming role in YashRaj’s Dhoom 3. Nobody knew Katrina possessed this talent as well. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the former heroine of Dhoom 3 and Katrina has big shoes to fill in because of how tremendously Aishwarya performed in the film.

Not only singing, but there are lots of things Dhoom 3 is expecting of Katrina Kaif as Katrina would be taking paragliding lessons and even undergo some action training. Katrina is still planning to discuss the details of her character and look with producer Aditya Chopra. She is looking forward to give her best like everyother film of hers.

With her enthusiasm for her film Katrina had to postpone her long due plan to go on a vacation with her family but because she has preparations to make for her film she had to let go of this plan.

After the success of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan watching Katrina sing would definitely be a treat for all her fans and we hope all goes well for her!

Katrina Kaif will lend her vocal in a song in Yash Raj Films upcoming movie Dhoom 3. After completing the current shots of Ek Tha Tiger opposite to Salman Khan in Dublin, Katrina Kaif will have to start preparing for her character in Dhoom 3.

Katrina Kaif was planning for a holiday with her family but unexpectedly she has got a urgent call from Yash Raj Films to be back on shooting of Dhoom 3. In the movie, Katrina Kaif will not to just learn some heavy duty stunts but she also has to make her voice perfect for Dhoom 3.

Katrina Kaif, who had been planning to sing for Ali Zafar’s music album has yet been uninitiated into the region of music. However, this will be the first when Katrina Kaif will sing for herself in a film.

Besides singing, Katrina Kaif has to work on other lot of things including her look, body language, spoken language and behavior of her character in the movie Dhoom 3. But right now, Katrina Kaif is working on her singing skills.

Katrina Kaif has a task cut out for herself in Dhoom 3. She will be required to do a lot of challenging things in the movie.

If getting trained in scuba diving or learning to ride a bike wasn’t enough, Katrina will now reach for the sky and try to learn para-gliding for her role in Dhoom 3 to be directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya whose first film as a director, Tashan, failed to make a mark at the box office.

However, the director and producer (Aditya Chopra) have big plans for Dhoom 3, not the least of which is Katrina’s makeover in the movie.

Buzz is that Katrina will be doing incredible stunts in the movie, and her fans will be particularly pleased to know that she might even sing a song. Katrina has already taken her baby steps into the realm of music by learning to play the guitar. Well, at least she can strum after a fashion.

Ironically, though the actress is taking on new challenges, she is a bit squeamish about kissing or donning a bikini.

The movie will have Katrina paired opposite Aamir Khan. This would be their first film together, and considering the lengths to which the punctilious Aamir goes to slip under the skin of his character, Katrina better pull up her socks.

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